movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


The phrase above was read ages ago in New Zealand, at Queenstown. A country entirely dedicated to physical and pleasant aspects of one’s existence, with infinity of possibilities to get smiles and various adrenaline shakes.
I only realised later that it actually was publicity, however I liked the concept, the rhythm and the sound of the phrase so much that I started liking the publicity too.
When I talk to people on why I use a bike and they don’t, I usually find two main factors keeping them away from the bike as a mean of transport: fear and fatigue.
Fear is an unbeatable element ??????? . It’s impossible to convince someone to do something they are scared about.
You need to act on fear itself.
I know our streets are scary and that Italians in their cars can become werewolves with steel armour.
My way of avoiding fear is ignoring it. Not all of it: one part of fear, the positive part, can be used to keep attention high.
The rest can be ignored. Strongly?
Then fun can start.
Going on a bike in the city becomes an exercise of acrobats, a real street art, a useful instrument of one’s day and at the same time our own instrument of play.

For the picture beside a big thank you to the mad guys at fgg

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