movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


I can feel him behind me, he’s looking at me thinking, “Get out of my way”.
I do it happily.
You’re welcome, and pass by.

I still continue pedalling thinking as little as possible
Thinking as little as possible.
Near my house is one of the best views I know of
A heavily crowded road finishes all of sudden in front of very old ruins.
A mall from the past know praised because of its age
Behind it a hill rises suddenly leaving you barely enough room to catch a glimpse of lesser old buildings, but nevertheless old. A weird contrast with the round shapes of the ruins.
Further behind nature for a little distance takes over and shows us two huge cypresses, so tall that their tip was broken by the wind and they remain still, parallel to the horizon.
The horizon shows us a secular jump, with big buildings on a road leading al the way to the sea.

You cannot see the sea, you can imagine it.
I can imagine the sea.
And around they honk and brake.

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