movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


I’m a seaman. I can say it with pride, but slowly.
Because seawater is dangerous and it will not accept mistakes nor daringness.
The sea’s skin is hard and giving. It let’s things pass indifferently and it shuts itself.
Its interiors are infinite and never stop eating.
His inhabitants are hard, hostile and scared of each other.

I have no reason to go onto the sea. There is no reasonable reason.
Nothing pushes me to talk to it, as it answers only to few.
It spoke to me sometimes. It told me Neptune is huge.
Exploding on an old volcano’s lip in the middle of the ocean.
I recall seeing it strangely resembling a love fountain

Reason will tell me to stay away. Nothing can stop me from leaving it unheard.
Reason is scared of the sea and wants to destroy it with its little amount of hate
Reason doesn’t know anything and slowly staggers towards a house made of banks and mortgages
Reason is satisfied of itself and will go to sleep with its acidic burp of digestion
Reason will not clean itself to not lose the acquired advantages

Bent over myself I listen, I listen to the far, warm backwash slam against roads
Dreamy couples will walk simply to get delusioned by the chaotic nature.
A whole life will be thrown in to the collective spin, rancid since centuries
Condemned to a repetition of moments seemingly unique.
Reason always wins with its tricked races since the beginning of time
I’m still a seaman because I remember being noble
I will not confront, I’m not searching victory: he who wins is who let’s go
The first danger is myself; the nicest risk doesn’t listen to reason
Current takes everything away; water is the harshest thing on earth
It has no enemies at its height; it doesn’t have friends on this planet

Sea allows to learn and yet never teaches, silently in it’s roar
An eternal and indifferent lion, it moves constantly for no reason
We collect the crumbs of it’s history, we eat it’s salt
No one allowed us, we steal the white splendour
And we sell it in markets of pointless living, dealing on its price

Sea will not ask you the price and yet it takes the highest of prices
It will not ask less than life and if it doesn’t get it it will not ask for it
It will go on forever, without ever being satisfied of it’s own beauty
Some of us try and talk to him, the great big blue lion
Only the best will have eternal dialogue, others will be eaten

Chemical composition of sea water is virtually identical to blood plasma, that is why I consider it an exterior metabolism and yet personal

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