movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


Velocity is a cyclic delirium lasting 40 minutes.
At dawn in the city, no rules, no protection barriers, only adrenaline.
And your city as you have never seen.

It’s a return to an agonistic formula.
Like the gladiators: essential, not filtered, and ruthless.
Free from the harnesses of pointless rules.

It’s an urban psicogeografical drift in full
respect of the physical laws, an explosion of mad cyclic marbles.
In the urban dawn.

It’s a new tribe that moves and you cannot see it.
Fast, that knows how to be happy on ruins.
Of a sick city sickened by apathy and pointless vices.

It’s an obsession for speed and for the bike.
In it’s most essential and fast form possible.

Extract from the web site Velocity Milan

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