movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


Wasted hours: roughly two hours in big city centres.

Medium speed of a vehicle, during rush hour, is about 14kn/h: the same as horse-ridden carriages. We used to complain about the by products of the metabolism of horses, that at least could be used as manure

Instead now we’ve past directly to poison ourselves.

Even in our brain: “I’ve got an enemy in front and one behind”
Hating the person that’s beside us, we feel surrounded by a hostile crowd: not understanding that we are the hostile crowd.
This way of interpret ting the traffic is the best way to melt our social glue, solidarity, that little amount of civility that manages to resist, no matter what we do.

Take a look at when an ambulance passes: cars will move with an increasingly annoyed way.
If they can they will move at the very last moment, when it’s inevitable.

Something is wrong.

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