movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


Concentration. Fluidity. Modulation of one’s movement. We are simultaneously motor, brakes and gears. We can start forecasting the inevitable. We start developing a kind of god like capacity. You have to evaluate rapidly a huge series of possibilities and points amongst the most probable, in less than a second. Like walking on a rope with no net underneath us. You will start appreciating the absence of research of risks, in a timing which still carries it’s fair weight of adrenaline charge, whilst you know use it only when really needed, as it sounds right, as it should be. Incivility will start leaving your person fast: you are responsible to the max of your actions.
The opposite of the damned no limits: consciousness of limits, as never seen before. But at the same time showing on the field what is believed to be impossible while it’s simply another thing compared to what we once knew. Hornets and helicopters cannot fly, following the logic.

You scrap the logic and go.

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