movimento (fisso)  
Status quo

Good old wise guys and other geniuses

It happens to hear while talking to people, quite weird opinions.

One of these, more wide spread than people believe, and it’s that the real danger in the streets are bikes.

He says “the biker is dangerous”
Bum goes the cyclist “and whatever do I do?”
“You’re in the middle of the way. Cars have to dodge you because you are slow and occupying the road. And if they don’t notice you they will run you over”
Ah, he says “well I’m the one in danger no? What harm can I possibly do”?
“Are you kidding? For your fault someone might go to jail”
Ah there you go.

Bizarre capsizing of reality. The nicest thing is that these imbeciles really believe it.

You wouldn’t want to dirty with blood and brains my beautiful wheels of my useful SUV, right?

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