movimento (fisso)  
Status quo

Rotafixa guys

In no time at all, we became loads
We were few and dispersed, born as primates of humanity: behind our own backs
Then something happened. Insistence, stubbornness and above all the wish to share with others one of the many essential ways of moving, is for many of us absolutely involving. Together with discovering ones physical, mechanical, mental, onirical, capacity all of this and other elements not necessarily within a specific reason, have crated a new form of human aggregation.
Now we can find each other in Milan, Rome, Florence, Cagliari, Catania, signals that newborns are happening a little bit every where, in our disgraced country, a lot of mechanics around towns are receiving curious requests (excuse me I would like to transform my bike into a fixed wheel) Some of them are beginning to ask themselves why.
There is no answer
Take the bike and go, you will understand.
Here on your left is a typical example of fixed wheeler, captured in his own habitat
The nocturnal metropolitan desert (

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