movimento (fisso)  
Status quo


My ancestors where persons who would ride a horse before the war and on a mule after the war.
They had warehouses full of peanuts, almonds, oil and flour.
They would spend entire days hunting, in the hills with a rifle on their shoulders
My ancestors didn’t use tricks to survive, didn’t copy other people’s things and wouldn’t stand around with their hands in their pockets

My ancestors where persons that would sweat and make others sweat, that would have their children on their lap and then their grandsons
People who knew about the countryside, that knew about the difficulty of walking those grounds
They didn’t care and they were proud about it
People who knew how to kiss hard, use their body to the fullest and would only sleep out of exhaustion
My ancestors would not fall down exhausted after a night out of expensive fantasies

My ancestors would get up in the morning, dream during the day and would sleep out of fatigue
Men and Women that would live on a volcano and not be afraid of it
People who would look at snow and sun and not bother about the future
That would walk for days to go where they were supposed to go
My ancestors are not persons that would use children to have a salary

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