movimento (fisso)sulle biciclettesulle parole  
Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice


Yes, I know it’s uncovered and it will rust.

I want it that way.
Yes I know it has a tube.
And the wheels
And the chain
And the pedals

What can I do, I like having frames that go on to become bikes.

This frame is my third. Really weird, sort of a chimera; long in front, steering tube with a slight inclination, the back sheeths are extremely short; a mixture between a strolling bike and a track bike, in their principal characteristics.

And it goes like men, actually like huns.

I want to leave the frame uncovered, with the brass drippings from the conjunctions, onto the conjunctions, in full view, coarse. Only treated with a little oil, ammonia and brass sulphate, to give the right uniformed layer of oxidation and at the same time to protect it from oxidising further. I will have to treat it often, but that’s how I want it, as if it was a kitchen utensil, a workshop or a field one.

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