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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
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Catholic Girls

This bike was built completely by myself.

Meaning I brazed the frame myself, and it's the first I
have ever built.

After some vicissitudes, mostly linked to the Central Ciclofficina (which began happily yet ended in various meanness), I'm finally back on the track I promised myself to follow, to build bike frames on my own.

I have to admit all I have witnessed was useful to learn. Because to build a frame is not at all easy.

I had to rethink my whole way of doing bikes, as if I haden't know anything.
I called it like that in homage to Frank Zappa, one of the maximum musical geniuses of the last century, citing a song that seems purposely written for this little itch that made me sweat.

And I like it, of course I do.
Other pictures of Cg finished can be found, with slight modifications, also on fixedgeargallery

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