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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice

Without Lockring

Otherwise, a trick for tracks that works fine on the streets.

You can mount a fixed cog on any threaded hub, without using the ring nut to close it.
Normally the track hubs have two different kinds of threads, the normal one (you tighten from left to right; righty, to tighten the cog, and the inverse way (lefty), of inferior diameter, where to tighten the lockring, which is used not to make the cog undo itself while slowing down (reverse pedalling). Pistards, who were and are total maniacs, don’t use the ring nut, thus gaining one or two grams.

We learnt this trick from a great champion of the track, Vanni Pettenella, and we use it not only for a lighter feel but so we can use any threaded hub not only the track ones, that cost more and maybe you can never find.
You can even block the wheel and slide, and yet; the cog does not undo itself.
This method, that I and the chaingang group have transmitted to the angloamerican fixed bikers has created quite a lot of confusion and infinite discussions, on the other side of the ocean they call it the rotafixa method.

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