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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
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Since I’ve finished this bike I have been obsessed by it.
She magnificent, the nicest, sumptuous, unruly and perfect I have ever ridden so far.
The frame is Olmo track frame from the 70’s, Colombus tubing, tight geometry, leaning vertically onto the street. The rear chariot is reduced to the minimum, the forks are nearly straight. The saddle is honey colored leather, the handlebars are English “moustache” looking coming from god knows where.
I found this frame with others just as beautiful in a sort of cave in the countryside near Rome, looked after by the biggest gnome in the world, accompanied by one of the dogs of the magical welder, I suppose the third one as he was huge and had two eyes like plates. When I saw the inner of the cave my hand were trembling so bad that I could light myself a cigarette.
From that weird night I managed to retrieve, on the 8th of November, this wonder that I cannot call a bike. It’s something different.

In details; ratio 48/16, evolution wheels opaque red, 19 Vittoria front tyre and Schwable behind, mirror looking in their colors.

I painted it with acrylic cream, covered with two layers of transparent acrylic slightly fluorescent.

I prefer women to gods.

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