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Fixed gear
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The Movimentofisso website has had it’s first birthday in February 2006.
It has gone beyond thirty thousand visitors. You come by here in hundreds every day, sometimes two hundred. A nice present was a great Italian artisan; on request by a big handle bar manufacturer, he wants to produce with me, handle bars for fixed bikes adaptes for urban use.
No space for brakes.

I can roughly understand who visits this website and why.

From what I can see, who appreciates movimentofisso has a huge nostalgia for simplicity and to re appropriate of ones own existence in movement. Many have written not having thought of the bike as a daily vehicle to travel, firstly and as a meditative object, secondly.

Since last February, when I put movimentofisso online, I have seen a constant growth in contacts, from unimaginable places and in ways frankly unpredicatble. Everyone, at least those of you who write to me, are accumulated by the deep frustration of modern day urban mobility, and how our species have disgracefully developed us up to immobility; from a great love of the bike as a vehicle even of simplicity and therefore the taste for grain rather than oil; you are interested in the substance of things.

And I find a strong interest in the dream state capacity of simple movement and zero impact.

Exactly what you cannot find sitting in your vehicle.

Never yours, Rotafixa

News: you are hundreds, everyday.

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