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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice

The tube

One of the things I discovered getting rid of brakes was that I could get rid amongst other things of the bike handlebar. Of the purposely made handlebar I mean.

The handlebars commonly known nowadays have two different diameters; in the centre 25mm to be caught by the handlebar support, in jargon “pipe”; on the extremities 22mm to allow mounting the brakes.
Time ago I was putting together a fixed bike to leave at the ciclofficina, for people to try out this weird bike. I couldn’t find any good handlebars and then my eye feel on a piece of inox tube that was lying on the floor (I called the bike Johnny rotten, because it’s the punkest of them all). Perfect. Then I thought; if I go around with no brakes, why do I need a real handlebar?
I can use whatever I want. And use objects not built for that purpose, so potentially less expensive.
Right now I have two brass handlebars, very elegant, one in wood (which a girl is engraving words I like on) and one in bamboo, which doesn’t work because I used a green plant and so it cracked.

Now I’m ageing a piece of bamboo, we’ll see what it can do.

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