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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice


The first question they ask when looking at my bike is “how do you brake?”
I explain.
Second phrase coming out is not a question but a statement “that’s not possible”
Sometimes I ask them (depending who’s in front) to touch me; you see? I exist. I’m real. You can touch me. How can you say it’s impossible?
Nothing. The statement is assertive to the maximum, I call it the moment of “shutting the shutter” . In their heads it’s a rigorous, straight forward closure, no appeal allowed.
Impossible to go around with no brakes. Impossible to go on a bike with no brakes, specially in a city like Rome (the name of the city can be changed as wished) . Impossible to go up hill with only one ratio, you need gears.
I start to get fed up of these dialogues always the same. It’s now two years I get into dialogues, or monologues? Like this, I’ve reached a certain experience in knowing when to express that or the other concept, lay down this or the other ace.
I lose all the same.

And god knows how many other things are considered impossible...

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