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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice


This is an odd project, absolutely out of place, out of market, out of any logical sense.
It’s only sense is emotional and anti market, economically subversive, cyclically mandatory.
In an old abandoned religious institute, and recently occupied for housing needs, there will be an atelier where to build hand crafted track frames.
This in a context where tracks are missing, closed or devastated by time and negligence, where bikes and frames are built by the thousands in production lines, in far away places with methods of high technology but little love. Where our cities are militarily occupied exclusively by cars, televisions are full of adverts of cars, radios are full of adverts for cars, and kids ask what car your dad has.
We have decided to change things.
We will do spectacular frames, beautiful, hand crafted, low technology and extremely high rendering. Light, tight, manically cured.
And we will sell them at a ridiculously cheap price, against all rules.
We will weld frames in an old dishallowed church, which will be hallowed once more from our visionary activity.
We have no prospective of success, following current cannons.
We should change cannons then.

Nb The project is on hold at the moment for various problems, objective and subjective reasons, it will start again as soon as there’s a little more certainty about times, methods and above all places.
That the road would have been up ways was obvious for me, also checking the picture on your left.

News; in October 2006 the angelo mai was cleared and the central ciclofficina is officially dead. It will rise again elsewhere, near piramide in an old mechanical constructions laboratory, where I will finally go and weld also to teach what I have learnt (take a look at the section “Theory and Practice” of mf) From November 2007 I am able to weld frames. Let’s leave for the adventure.

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