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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
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Iron & Wine

On the night of the 3rd of November 2003 I took all the brakes away from this bike. It’s called Ferro e Vino (Iron & Wine); it’s all steel at first glance, painted with paint diluated with a Dolcetto d’Alba red wine of 2002, not a particularly good year but nevertheless good enough. And it’s nice to paint while drinking a sip of wine now and then. At half past twelve of the 31st of October 2003, official birth time of Ferro e Vino, I was completely drunk.

On this bike, like on other fixed bikes, you need to pedal continuously. You break contrasting with your leg force the movement impressed up until then by the same legs that are now breaking. The effect is that the man that pedals becomes at the same time motor, gear and brakes.
So I took away the brakes completely. Actually only one, the front brake was the only one there.

The 3rd of November is also the birthday of my sisters son. He’s named like me and I hope we will see a city liberated by cars.

That bike saved my life. I adore her

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