movimento (fisso)sulle biciclettesulle parole  
Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice


With a bike you can carry nearly anything. Surely anything we may need during a standard day, which are the most. You can carry a quantity of things that’s unbelievable.
Shopping can go easly into a box on the rack. The limited space is an opportunity to economize, also you only buy what you really need and thus running away from induced shopping at least at the supermarket (but I go to the market it’s nicer)
Maybe we can’t make a move (I still brought a table and two chairs) .
But moves aren’t really a normal days activity, and at least we can rent a van.
Only few of our movements need a chariot or the equivalent. It only needs to know how to load the bike with intelligence and equilibrium.
All the opposite of what I see everyday in this overweight and spoilt country.
I will never give up.

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