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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
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A message from a friend in Milan

“this morning I went to Corso Garibaldi to Rossignoli (bike shop) (to buy two new brushes for the brakes of my mtb). I was riding my Operaia fixed bike and as I was tying it to the post, everybody inside the shop came to have a look. I was astonished and a bit embarrassed. They where asking explanations and meanings of how and why I had built a bike such as that one. Why? I asked. . . If only a little time ago, as was buying track material or pista cogs, people would look up at me as if I was martian. The answer was that it’s been a while people are asking me for bikes. . . . simple bikes, light without gears. And they are preparing a bike with coaster brakes and only a front brake. . .”

11 of March 2005. And the revolution has only begun.

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