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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
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In the last few years there has been a growing number of popular bicycle repair shops (ciclofficine). The first was built at the Bulk in Milan, a social centre, it is shup now, bu another one is born in an amazing place, the “Stecca degli Artigiani” in the Isola area. This too has been shut down but yet again it was reopened nearby.

In Rome there are a few. I usually go the Ciclofficina of the Gazometro, in via Caboto.

In Ciclofficine you can repair or build a bike entirely. You gather ruined old abandoned wrecks, you dismantle them and review them, the pieces remain there for however wants to build himself a bike. If you don’t know what to do someone will show so you will be able to do it yourself.

Their message is simple; you can move better or you can move with a vehicle that is created nearly entirely by you. Learn to know every single detail and you then become independent from mechanics too.

Here’s an article on alias 21th may 2005

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