movimento (fisso)sulle biciclettesulle parole  
Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice

Bikes as piece of art

I exhibited my bikes for the first time the night of the 27th of September 2003, the night Rome was supposed to become a White Night (Notte Bianca) . Around half past three, maybe a little earlier, there was a blackout that obscured Italy until the following day. I had closed the exhibition at three and was heading towards a party, it also had just begun to rain. While me and a few others where heading to the party the boot switched off completely.

At first we thought of a roman break down, quite a consistent break out as two electric companies serve that area and it was all dark, and on top of it, it was raining.

Then we all understood, after a weird night. I had fifteen people as guests in my house, spaghetti for all at half past four, until the next day.
At the end I too knew. After catching up with that weird night, I thought; I did my first exhibition that night. That night was total lack of electric energy. I showed to others self sufficient energy sufficient vehicles, moved only by human muscular force. And beautiful to look at, they say, I say.

I don’t know but I’m sure I all means something. Actually I do. It says it loud and clear. It’s shouting it. Beware, it says. Beware of what you do and how you do it.

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