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Fixed gear
Fixed gear
Theory & practice

Dora Nera

It was a present. My partner surprised me with a bike that was able to travel, after my own AIAn ciclocross transformed in tourer had been stolen from me. Luckily I had bent the bike a few days earlier in a front crash with an enduro motorbike (my own fault).

The frame is aluminum, the geometrics are fashionable with the time it was built (2001), 24 ratios, luggage rack, it even had a trestle.

I took everything away from it (sorry my love) and I begun from the frame. The handle bar is a brass tube, I’m preparing a faggio wood one.
After having tried different ratios and configurations, I reached perfection with a ratio 50/15, which develops for 7 mt; I also inverted the central movement, whose measurements where fro a triple crown and thus not allowing me to straighten the chain. The rear wheel is the final hit; I used an ancient Campagnolo Record Corsa hub and I assembled the wheel with the structure on the left side, the rays on the left side are shorter than the ones on the right and so they are straight, the opposite of your average racing bike.

This bicycle was named “Best converted bike 2004" in the contest organized by Fixedgeargallery, the website that captures fixed bikes from around the world.

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